Kerri Pratt & Brice Loose | Telluride Workshop

Kerri Pratt and Brice Loose, current NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellows (class 19), recently participated in the Telluride Workshop on Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack (OASIS) Interactions in Polar Regions in Telluride, Colorado from June 20-24, 2011.

Kerri Pratt & Brice Loose

Organized by Paul Shepson (Purdue University), Paty Matrai (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences), and Jan Bottenheim (Environment Canada), 27 interdisciplinary scientists from six countries gathered together to discuss the urgent scientific questions associated with climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

The workshop brought together a range of climate scientists with specialties in oceanography, sea ice, and atmospheric science from field and laboratory perspectives, as well as Earth System modeling.

Together, the OASIS scientists will work together to understand the impacts of changing sea ice conditions on the physical, chemical, and biological processes impacting the ocean and atmosphere in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Kerri Pratt is currently a postdoctoral fellow with Paul Shepson in the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN), and Brice Loose is currently a postdoctoral fellow with William Jenkins in the Isotope Geochemistry Facility at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Woods Hole, MA).