Myles Allen | Awarded 2010 Appleton Medal and Prize

Dr. Myles Allen wins 2010 Appleton Medal and Prize


Myles AllenFor his important contributions to the detection and attribution of human influence on climate and quantifying uncertainty in climate predictions.

Dr Allen is an outstanding Climate Physicist who has made major advances in the understanding and quantification of the role of uncertainty in predictions of future climate change, and has developed powerful techniques for detecting signs of climate change in observational data. He is especially noted for his vision and leadership in conceiving and bringing to fruition the project, the largest climate prediction experiment yet to have been performed.

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The Appleton medal and prizeThe Appleton Medal and Prize

In 2008 the Institute of Physics (IOP) Council decided to establish the Appleton Medal and Prize.

This award had originally been known as the Chree Medal and Prize, which was instituted in 1939 as a memorial to Dr Charles Chree (President of The Physical Society 1908-10).

The Appleton Medal and Prize was established in 2008.  Sir Edward Appleton was a British physicist who in 1947 received the Nobel Prize for his achievements in ionospheric physics. His experiments proved the existence of a layer of ionised gas in the upper atmosphere, known now as the Appleton layer.

From 1941 to 1999 the award was made in alternate years; from 2001 it was awarded annually, and from 2009 on, in even-dated years.