All-Female Crew Headed into Hurricane!


All Female Hurricane Crew

From left to right: Kelly Ryan (NOAA/HRD), Jezabel Sanchez (UMASS-Amherst), Ashley Lundry (NOAA/AOC Flight Director), Dr. Zorana Jelenak (Mission PI CPAESS/UCAR-NOAA/NESDIS), and Dr. Heather Holback (HRD/FSU). 
Our own Zorana Jelenak is leading an all-female science crew into Hurricane Lorenzo, currently a category 4. They are tasked with a search and rescue mission in hopes of finding crew from a supply vessel that went right into the Lorenzo's eyewall sometime yesterday. They are the only plane going into the hurricane.
If all goes well and there is time they will also conduct an ocean winds science mission into Lorenzo. Dr. Zorana Jelenak is a Project Scientist who works with NOAA's National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Informational Service (NESDIS). All the best ladies!

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