CPAESS at AMS 2020

AMS 2020

This year CPAESS has 19 different talks, posters, town halls and events at AMS. Check out them out and come see us:


5:30-7:30pm Kendra Greb: Early Career Fair Table. BCEC – East Registration.



6:30-8:30pm Kendra Greb: Early Career Fair Table



9:00am Talk, Ali Abdolali: WAVEWATCH III Accuracy and Efficiency within Coupling Framework. 158

9:45am Talk, Saeed Moghimi: Investigating Freshwater and Coastal Circulation Interaction for Extreme Events. BCEC 158.

11:00am Talk, Brandon Wolding: The Role of Moisture in the Convective Coupling of Equatorial Waves. 254B

3:00pm Talk, Brandon Wolding: Communication Breakdown: The Impacts of Climate Change on Tropical-Extratropical Teleconnections. 150

3:15pm Talk, Laura Paulik Alaka: On Upgrading the Probabilistic Storm Surge Ensemble for NHC Operations. 158

4:00 – 6pm

Poster #64, Fred L. Ogden: Appropriate Simulation of Vertical Soil Water Fluxes and Soil Moisture in Land Surface Schemes with Implications for Runoff Generation. Hall B

Poster # 344, Bomin Sun: On the Accuracy of Vaisala RS41 versus RS92 Upper-Air Temperature and Humidity Observations. Hall B

Poster #373, Ali Abdolali: Statistical Analysis of HWRF Errors for Accuracy Assessment of Coupled Hydrodynamic Modelling Systems. Hall B



8:30am Talk, Hunter Jones: Understanding, Predicting and Providing Early Warning for Climate-Sensitive Infectious Diseases. 153 B

9:00am Talk, Ibrahima Diouf: Diagnostically Study of Seasonal Prediction of Malaria: Case of Senegal, West Africa. 153 B

9:30am Booth Demonstration, Nicholas Gross for NASA Heliophysics Summer School, UCAR|NCAR Booth

10:30am Talk, John Michalakes: HPC Requirements for NWP Approaching Exascale at the U.S. Navy. 155

3:15am Talk, Hunter Jones: The Climate and Health Monitor and Outlook – Integrated Information to Manage Heat’s Health Impacts. 153 B

4-6pm . Poster #835, Brandon Wolding: Improving Model Representation of Interactions Between Moisture and Tropical Convection.



9:45am Talk, Daniel Stern: Investigating Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Using Idealized Simulations with Realistic Initial Vortices. 205B

12:15pm Town Hall, Kendra Greb: Town Hall Meeting NASA LWS Institutes: Pathways for Reducing Risk to Aviation and Satellite Operations. 153B

4-6pm Poster #1348, Edward P. Hildebrand: Verification of Air Force Weather Cloud Analyses and Forecasts Using the NASA Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC). Hall B