Dr Jennifer Haase

Dr Jennifer Haase
Purdue University
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette
Fields of interest
Remote Sensing; Atmospheric water vapor; Assimilation systems
Description of scientific projects
Research investigating atmospheric properties using GPS signals recorded from an airborne platform. GPS navigation signals that pass near horizontally through the atmosphere from satellites that are setting behind the Earth are significantly delayed due to the varying index of refractivity of the atmosphere, which in turn depends on the atmospheric state ˘ pressure, temperature, and humidity. We are developing a new airborne system for atmospheric remote sensing based on this concept. The research requires a broad range of interests beyond atmospheric science, in particular electromagnetic wave propagation and theory of optics. The candidate should have a strong quantitative/mathematical background in atmospheric science, physics, geophysics, mathematics, or engineering and prior experience in programming in C or Fortran; Research using the new high resolution MODIS sensor on the Terra and Aqua Earth Observation Satellites. The MODIS sensor is able to image precipitable water vapor with an unprecedented resolution of 1 kilometer. The research project involves preparation of the data for assimilation into weather prediction models for improving the forecasts of events such as hurricane Lili in 2002. Hurricane Lili grew in intensity category 2 to category 4 in 24 hours, then decreased in intensity even more rapidly, from category 4 to category 1 in 13 hours, a phenomena that is still currently unexplained. The candidate will compare MODIS data with GPS precipitable water vapor data and develop algorithms for evaluating data quality, and will learn to use the NCL language for manipulating satellite data. The candidate should have a strong interest in atmospheric remote sensing, a relatively quantitative mathematical background and prior experience in programming. Experience with NWP modeling, particularly WRF, is a particular advantage.