Forecast-Informed Reservoir Operation (FIRO) Workshop Registration

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September 12-13, 2019

University of Texas at Arlington
Nedderman Hall, Rady Room (6th floor)
Arlington, TX

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Please join us for a two-day interactive workshop to learn about how NOAA forecasts have been applied in decision-support tools for water management in different states, and to participate in a dialogue on what steps are needed to integrate NOAA forecasts in reservoir operations and water resources management in Texas and Oklahoma.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Learn from entities in other parts of the nation that have integrated, or are in the process of integrating, forecasts in operational decision-support tools (e.g., Forecast-Informed Reservoir Operations [FIRO]). 

  2. Identify current and emerging NOAA operational products that can be readily used, for example, in the context of FIRO.   

  3. Understand the concerns that water operators in Texas and Oklahoma have with using seasonal and sub-seasonal climate forecasts. 

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