Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship Reference Letter Submission Form

This form should be used by prospective applicants to select 4 - 6 people who can provide a reference for the applicant to the Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.


Each of the people you name will be emailed, be given your name, and will be asked to fill out a reference letter form.

Please note:

  1. One reference must be from your thesis advisor, but not from a potential host mentor.

  2. References from more than one institution are encouraged.

  3. References will have until 24 January, 2020 to respond to CPAESS.

  4. Applications without at least four (4) references are incomplete and may not be reviewed by the Steering Committee


The first four references are required.

First Last
Reference One
Reference Two
Reference Three
Reference Four
Reference Five
Reference Six

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