Impact of inclusive field trips

The geosciences benefit from diverse student perspectives and backgrounds, but the field-based learning requirements pose barriers to students with disabilities. If carefully designed, fieldwork can be made accessible while still meeting expectations of academic rigour.

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Professionally held perceptions about the accessibility of the geosciences

The geosciences are considered by many to be inaccessible to individuals with disabilities. Challenging traditional perceptions of identity in the geosci- ence community is an important step to removing barriers for students and geoscientists with diverse physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities, and to broadening entry into the myriad fields that make up the discipline. Geoscien- tists’ views of the extent to which a disability would inhibit access to a geo- science career were probed through three separate studies.

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Real Men Might Get Made Fun Of

Our society has engineered robust consequences for squeaky wheels. A result is that, for the most part, the only people weathering consequences are the ones who don’t have the luxury of staying quiet. Women, already impeded and imperiled by sexism, also have to carry the social stigma of being feminist buzzkills if they call attention to it. People of color not only have to deal with racism; they also have to deal with white people labeling them “angry” or “hostile” or “difficult” for objecting. This opinion piece describes the need for (white) men to be champions for diversity.

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