A quantitative investigation of geoscience departmental factors associated with the recruitment and retention of female students

This quantitative study explores the differences between six geosciences departments that are successful or less successful in the retention and graduation of female students. 

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Innovation and Obsolescence in Geoscience Field Courses: Past Experiences and Proposals for the Future

This article presents an assessment of a field camp experience that focuses on a more relevant curriculum for the students being served today. These efforts are being made to impact the declining numbers of students interested in geoscience majors. 

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An Introduction to Historical Perspectives on and Modern Approaches to Field Geology Education

Discusses historical context of geosciences field work in the past to the current state. This is an introduction to a group of special papers that outlines the current trends taking place within geoscience disciplines. 

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Designing a mixed-methods research instrument and scoring rubric to investigate individuals’ conceptions of plate tectonics

Research methods and underlying theories for research designs that integrate quantitative and qualitative approaches (i.e., mixed methods) are well documented in the field of education research. What is missing in the literature is a nuts-and- bolts description of the actual practice that goes into creating a good mixed-methods survey instrument for research in the science education domain. This paper will detail the steps involved in designing, implementing, and scoring a valid and reliable mixed-methods survey instrument.

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