A quantitative investigation of geoscience departmental factors associated with the recruitment and retention of female students

This quantitative study explores the differences between six geosciences departments that are successful or less successful in the retention and graduation of female students. 

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Decadal review: How gender and race of geoscientists are portrayed in physical geology textbooks

Recent efforts to increase diversity within the geosciences, do coincide with how geoscientist are being portrayed in academic textbooks. This article reexamines previous efforts that analyzed the presence of racially diverse geoscientist in physical geology textbooks. Although there was an increase in the representation of minorities, some groups were completely absent from representation. 

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How Can We Fix the Lack of Diversity in Geosciences?

There is a lack of diversity in the geosciences and on contributing factor might be the lack of representation of diversity faculty. In addition to that the geosciences discipline tends to attract students that have had more exposure to the outdoors, which can be unfamiliar terrain for students depending on where they come from geographically. 

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Why Don't the Geosciences Have More Diversity?

The author of this blog explains how limited exposure to the outdoors as a youth, might be a contributing factor for the lack of representation of underrepresented minorities in the geosciences. 

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No Progress on Diversity in 40 Years

There has been little change in the last forty years in the number of ethnic and racial minorities that receive doctorates in the earth, atmospheric and ocean sciences. This article presents statistical data of the lack of representation as well as recommendations to increase participation of ethnic and racial minorities in geosciences. 

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Broadening Participation in the Earth Sciences

Out of all the physical sciences, earth sciences has the lowest participation of underrepresented minorities. Past research on factors contributing to the lack of diversity in geosciences, has focused on inadequate teacher preparation, lack of relevance or undefined career path, isolation and alienation of students of color at predominantly white institutions. In the last forty years the number of minority geoscience graduates has remained stagnant.

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Characteristics and Culture of Geoscience Departments as Interpreted from their Website Photographs

Geoscience department websites are a public representation of the department and discipline. This exploratory study investigated the characteristics and culture communicated about geoscience depart- ments through their website photographs. Outdoor settings dominated in the website photographs. This may give the impression that geoscientists spend most of their time outdoors. Additionally, the outdoors may represent the most appealing aspect of geoscience work. Most people in the photographs were men.

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A Call for a New Geoscience Education Research Agenda

A lack of qualified teachers and low enrollment in the geosciences exist at both secondary and tertiary levels in the United States. Consequently, it is unlikely that students will be able to achieve scientific literacy without an increase in both of these populations. To address these problems, we pose research questions, highlight sociocultural theories, and provide examples of other science education research as possible avenues by which to explore these related problems.

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Creating Pathways Toward Geoscience Education for Native American Youth: The Importance of Cultural Relevance and Self-Concept

Native American nations in the United States have a unique legal status that is rooted in a complex relationship between the United States federal government, individual state and local governments and tribal authorities. Although geosciences are often at the center of these relationships, especially as they pertain to the development of natural resources, tribal economics, and environmental stewardship, Native Americans remain severely underrepresented in advanced geoscience education.

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Understanding Perceptions of the Geosciences Among Minority and Nonminority Undergraduate Students

This study augments existing literature in understanding student perceptions about the geosciences; we examined the choice of major and science courses taken by 645 students at a large southeastern research university. Differences were examined between underrepresented minority (URM) and nonminority students. We compared responses regarding not only different sciences but also different subfields of geoscience, and where possible, we compared those subjects with biology.

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