If your current residence is more than 50 miles from your host institution, UCAR will provide you with a Lump Sum Relocation Allowance of $5,000.00, before taxes. Please be advised that under Internal Revenue Service regulations all relocation allowance payments are taxed as supplemental income, subject to tax withholding and reporting on your W-2 form. Please see IRS publication 521 for more details:

UCAR's Relocation Policy states that any employee who resigns for reasons within their control within twelve (12) months after relocating, must repay UCAR for relocation benefits received,
pro-rated according to the number of months worked at UCAR. Reimbursement will not be required from an employee terminated due to a Reduction in Staff.

Please address any questions regarding this information to Kendra Greb, kgreb@ucar.edu303-497-1605.