Submit a Proposal to LWS Institute

Call for proposals is closed for 2018.

Proposal Deadline: 1 March 2018

2018 Working Group topics area:

We are seeking proposals that develop these principles in relation to one or other of the following two topics:

  • TEC and ionospheric scintillation for GPS applications
  • Prediction and specification of >10 MeV proton flux

Proposals should focus on reviewing the current state of the art models and observations, evaluate how leading predictive models agree with in situ measurements and identify paths forward for addressing the key science and application gaps that need to be solved for improvements in models and predictions. This could include new and/or underutilized data sources that could be used to check predictive models, or identifying new methods for gathering in situ data that could be used to *drive* predictive models.

Selection Process & Awards:

A science committee selected by the LWS Program Scientist and appointed by UCAR evaluates proposals and makes recommendations for support to LWS Institutes’ sponsors. UCAR CPAESS administers the Working Groups and provides support for travel expenses, per diem, lodging and local area transportation costs during the weeklong meetings.

A typical award may include:

  • Two 5-day meetings for up to 15 team members including:  travel, catering, meeting room and audiovisual costs (Please note that UCAR cannot support travel for federal employees).
  • A ½ day team meeting at either AGU or AMS including meeting room rental and audiovisual.
  • Teleconferencing using  Go-to-Meeting or Ready Talk.
  • Publication costs

Required proposal materials:

  • Cover letter from team leader
  • 1-page abstract of project
  • 5-page proposal including timeline, with one page of references (page 6)
  • Vitae for all project participants

Submit Proposals electronically to:


Or, mail a hard copy to:

P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000