Textbook IV Problem Sets and Solutions

Textbook III: Active Stars, their Astropheres, and Impacts on Planetary Environments

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Problem Sets for Textbook III

1 | Introduction

Carolus J. Schrijver, Frances Bagenal, and Jan J. Sojka

2 | Solar Explosive Activity Throughout the Evolution of the Solar System

Rachel Osten

Homework: Osten, 2014


3 | Astrospheres, Stellar Winds, and the Interstellar Medium

Brian E. Wood and Jeffrey L. Linsky

Homework: Wood/Linsky, 2014

4 | Effects of Stellar Eruptions Throughout Astrospheres

Ofer Cohen

Homework: Cohen, 2014

5 | Characteristics of Planetary Systems

Debra Fischer and Ji Wang

6 | Planetary Dynamos: Updates and New Frontiers

Sabine Stanley

7 | Climates of Terrestrial Planets

David Brain

8 | Upper Atmospheres of the Giant Planets

Luke Moore,Tom Stallard, and Marina Galand

9 | Aeronomy of Terrestrial Upper Atmospheres

David E. Siskind and Stephen W. Bougher

Homework: Moore, 2014

10 | Moons, Asteroids, and Comets Interacting with Their Surroundings

Margaret G. Kivelson

Homework: Kivelson, 2014

11 | Dusty Plasmas

Mihaly Horanyi

12 | Energetic-Particle Environments in the Solar System

Norbert Krupp

13 | Heliophysics with Radio Scintillation and Occultation

Mario M. Bisi