Information for Boulder Campus Staff

Note: some of the links listed on this page will require you to login with your CIT or UCAS credentials.

UCAR Policies & Procedures

Human Resources


Workday is the new HR and payroll system. Use it for reporting work time on time cards and requesting planned absences, managing your employee information (including names, dependents, emergency contacts, direct deposit accounts, and W-4s), and managing your benefit elections.

Workday User Support Site


UCAR Human Resources uses InVerify for verifying employment and income with lenders, landlords, and others.

Visa and Immigration Resources

U.S. Visa Information

UCAR Immigration Information

UCAR Compensation and Benefits Policy and Procedures

UCAR Benefits Overview

UCAR Benefits Summary PDF

UCAR Health Insurance Program Information (HSA, FSA, Premiums, etc.)

Maternity/Paternity Information

Paid Time Off (PTO)/Leave Plans

TIAA Retirement Plan Information

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

IT & Password Support

CIT/UCAS Password Portals



Forgotten or Expired CIT/UCAS Password ?

Please submit a help request to the following email:


CPAESS Travel Procedures

CPAESS Travel Request Form

Concur Info

UCAR Concur Website

Setting up and updating your profile

Identifying delegates

Before we can create your trip or book any of your flights for your trip, we will need for you to log into the Concur travel system and add delegates on your Concur Profile. 

You may log into Concur at the following link, using your CIT password:

Once you have logged in, please proceed to selecting delegates within your profile by following these steps:

1. Click your Profile menu in the upper right corner of your screen. 

2. Click on the Profile Settings link.

3. Once inside the Profile Settings, click either the Expense Delegates link in the menu along the left side of your screen.

4. Click the Add button.

5. Search for the following CPAESS employees to add as your delegates:

Scott Robinson (
Emma Hagen (
Gete Bond ( 

6. Select your delegates from the resulting list.

7. Check Mark the following boxes: Can Prepare, Can Book Travel, Can Submit Reports, Can Submit Requests, Receives Emails, Can Approve, Receives Approval Emails

Screen shot of Concur form

8. Click the Save button. (You should receive a confirmation message.)

Setting Email Preferences

Activating E-receipts

Registering for Concur Mobile App


UCAR Travel Policies

T-Card Info

All UCAR staff travelers are eligible for the corporate billed JP Morgan Visa UCAR Travel Credit Card (T-Card). With this credit card, you can directly charge to UCAR all your business travel expenses allowable under UCAR policy. These cards significantly reduce the need for cash advances and reimbursements, dramatically streamline administrative overhead, and have no impact on your individual credit rating. These cards also help eliminate out of pocket expenses and integrate seamlessly with expense reporting in Concur.

To request a UCAR T-Card:

1)     Complete the online T-Card application form.

2)     Complete the online (Skillsoft) T-card training module. 

  • Training can be found at SkillPort ( Please contact Toni Wallace at to obtain your login information.
  • Login to Skillport and go the UCAR Travel Card (Training) and click on Launch. This will take you directly to the training course.
  • If the course does not come up on your home screen go to the top of the page and type Travel Card in the search field, it then will come up under custom. Then click on launch.

You will not receive the card until you have completed the T-card training Module.  Once you have completed your training, you will receive your T-Card within 15 business days. Be sure to activate it within 60 days and adhere to all UCAR policies and travel regulations.

After completion of the training, you may use the card for any travel initiated through the Concur Travel & Expense system. If you have any questions please call or email me.

Heath Insurance When Traveling

Payroll Information

Communications & Publications

Metrics Reporting


OpenSky is the home for NCAR/UCAR research and historical materials as well as other collections of digital assets.

See the CPAESS publications added to OpenSky in the past year.

UCAR Metrics Reporting

New PA Process Information (TBD)

Miscellaneous Resources & Tools

CPAESS Meeting Equipment Checkout

CPAESS Work From Home and PTO Request Form

Conference Room Capacities

Conference Room Current Capabilities

Library Info

NCAR History

Google Apps Support

Enable forwarding for your UCAR GMail

As a new employee you have a UCAR Google Apps email account and other applications. To get all of UCAR's internal email (i.e., time card reminder) you will need to either read your UCAR email or enable forwarding to send it to another email account.  To set up your UCAR account and enable forwarding see the instructions below.

  1. Log In To Google Apps To go directly into your Google email account, click on the following link and log in:
    1. Enter your email address (“yourusername”
    2. Password = your CIT password that you set when you received the UCAS information.
  2. Enable email forwarding or proceed with using your UCAR Google Apps Account a.
    1. Enable Forwarding
      1. On your computer, open Gmail using the account you want to forward messages from. ...
      2. In the top right, click Settings .
      3. Click Settings.
      4. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
      5. In the "Forwarding" section, click Add a forwarding address.
      6. Enter the email address you want to forward messages to.

If you have trouble setting up your account or the forwarding, please contact Kendra at and I will find help for you. For additional information on using the UCAR Google Suite please visit

UCAR Staff Directory

It is more useful to enter only one name (either last or first)

UCAR/NETS Directories

The Employee Listing - White Pages is very useful

CISL Helpdesk

Employee and Organizational Development

Ethics and Conduct

UCAR EthicsPoint Hotline

UCAR/NCAR Shuttle Schedule

UCAR Telephone System

Black Bag Services

Cafeteria Menu

CPAESS CAMP Proposal Website

To submit a proposal to the UCAR Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program (CAMP), please visit the
CAMP website


See CPAESS OpenSky Publications

NCAR/UCAR Metrics Database

CPAESS Contact Information



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