Dr. Gareth Perry

Assistant Professor

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Contact Info
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research
161 Warren Street
(973) 596-5802
Research Interests: 
My research focuses on the the Magnetosphere- Ionosphere-Thermosphere (MIT) system, its interconnections, and plasma dynamics. In general, my research goals are to understand the link between MIT coupling and plasma structuring in the sub-auroral to polar-latitude ionosphere, and to characterize how MIT coupling and its associated processes impact the continental and global radio wave propagation conditions. In particular, I am interested in high frequency (HF) radio wave propagation and scattering, and the impact of space weather events on these processes.
Candidate's Preferred Background: 
My projects are likely most attractive to candidates who have a background in data analysis, computer simulations and modeling (e.g., ray tracing), and/or radio science.