Enrico Landi

University of Michigan

Contact Info
University of Michigan
Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
2455 Hayward St
Ann Arbor
Research Interests: 
My research interests cover the physics of the solar transition region, inner and outer corona, the solar wind, Coronal Mass Ejections, atomic physics and spectral codes, and high resolution spectroscopy of solar and astrophysical plasmas. I am the PI of the MLSO/UCoMP instrument, an instrument built at HAO which will allow measurements of the coronal magnetic field and of spectrally resolved, near simultaneous 2D spectra of coronal forbidden lines in the visible. I am currently actively working on (selected topics): 1) solar wind heating and acceleration issues, and solar wind source regions; 2) coronal heating through modeling and spectroscopic diagnostics; 3) developing and applying new diagnostic techniques for the solar wind (in-situ measurements of wind charge state composition), the visible spectral range (for the upcoming UCoMP and COSMO instruments), and the EUV (CME diagnostics); 4) measurements of elemental abundances in the Sun and in the solar wind; 5) empirical modeling of CME plasmas and CME energetics.
Candidate's Preferred Background: 
Topics: Solar physics; solar wind; coronal mass ejections; space weather Techniques: data analysis, modeling, spectroscopy Instruments: Any high resolution spectrometer and narrow band imager between the X-ray and the IR.