Mark Linton

Naval Research Laboratory

Contact Info
Naval Research Laboratory
Heliophysics Theory and Modeling Section
4555 Overlook Ave SW
Code 7683
(202) 767-2350
Research Interests: 
The goal of NRL's Heliophysics Theory and Modeling Section is to examine fundamental problems of the physics of the solar atmosphere. Areas of current interest include chromospheric to coronal structure and dynamics, energy transport in solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and the emergence of magnetic flux from the convection zone into the corona. The research makes extensive use of time-dependent numerical simulations using two-, and three-dimensional numerical models. Much of the work focuses on determining observables for comparison with existing and anticipated satellite data in the visible, ultraviolet, and X-ray regions of the spectrum. Computing capabilities include access to DOD major high-performance computing facilities.
Candidate's Preferred Background: 
Candidates with a PhD in physics, with working experience in theoretical solar physics, magnetohydrodynamics, and / or magnitic reconnection. Experience with numerical simulations is preferred.