Scot R Elkington

University of Colorado

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University of Colorado
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
1234 Innovation Drive
(303) 735-0810
(303) 492-6444
Research Interests 
My research has focused on techniques leading to a quantitative physical understanding of energetic particle dynamics in the inner magnetosphere and central plasma sheet during geomagnetically active periods. Central to this study is the use of the Lyon-Fedder-Mobarry MHD code to model magnetospheric configuration in response to both real and idealized solar wind conditions. Analytical magnetospheric field models are also used, where necessary, to examine relevant physical processes under simplified conditions. Finally, observational data are used both as a tool for providing realistic initial conditions within the models, and for verifying the validity of the simulations. The fundamental intent of this work is to gain a better physical understanding of the processes playing roles in storm-time radiation belt dynamics. However, all work is undertaken with an eye toward fitting these approaches within the larger framework of a global magnetospheric circulation model, and providing valid predictive tools for space weather forecasting.