CPAESS Staff Located in Boulder, CO

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Heidi Allen
Dan Burge
Julie Cross
Donna Cummings
Kendra Greb
Heather Koch
Katy Lackey
Hanne Mauriello
Michelle McCambridge
Eileen McIlvain
Alex Meyer
Dawn Mullally
Maureen Nelson
Catherine Pavilanis
Gina Roberti
Whitney Robinson
Tania Sizer
NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML)
Xuelei Feng
Michael Mueller
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
John Michalakes
NOAA Climate and Global Change (C&GC) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Sebastian Milinski
Katherine Siegel
United States Geological Survey (USGS)
John Pitlick
Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowships
Camilla Scolini
NOAA National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)
Marina Skumanich
Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing (GOMO)
Kathy Tedesco