CFSv2 Evaluation Workshop List of Posters

CFSv2 Evaluation Workshop
List of Posters
30 April, 2012 to 1 May, 2012
College Park, Maryland


  Author Organization Title
1 Block IRI Statistical and dynamical climate predictions to guide water resources in Ethiopia
2 Cai FSU Processes based attributions to CFSv2 systematic errors in surface temp forecasts
3 Chen, M-Y NCEP/CPC Prediction Skill of daily SSTs from CFSv1 and CFSv2
4 Chen, L-C NCEP/CPC Prediction Skill of Seasonal Runoff Forecasts From CFSv2
5 Cohen AER Evaluating the Impacts of Eurasian Snow Cover Variability on Wintertime Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling in the CFSv2 Model
6 Collins NCEP/CPC Assessing bias correction of CFSv2 hindcasts conditional on climate regimes
7 Gonzalez IRI Seasonal-to-Interannual Variability of Southeastern South America in CMIP5 Decadal Hindcasts
8 Hu NCEP/CPC Prediction skill of monthly SST in the North Atlantic Ocean in NCEP CFSv2
9 Jia CMA and CPC Prediction of Quasi-Biweekly Oscillation of the Tropical Atmosphere by the NCEP CFS
10 Jiang NCEP/EMC Asian Monsoon in the NCEP CFS: Summer Monsoon, Winter Monsoon and Seasonal Cycle
11 Krishnamurthy COLA South Asian monsoon variability in CFSv2 on intraseasonal and seasonal time scales
12 Li, Xun CMA and CPC A Dynamical-Statistical Forecast Model for Western Pacific Named Tropical Cyclones Based on CFS
13 Liu CMA and CPC Diagnostics of Intraseasonal Prediction Biases of the Asian Summer Monsoon by CFS
14 Meng NCEP/EMC Land Surface Climatology in the NCEP CFS Reanalysis
15 Pegion ESRL The Seasonal Footprinting Mechanism in CFSv2:Simulation
16 Peng NCEP/CPC An assessment of CFSv2 performance in seasonal hindcast
17 Regonda NWS/OHD Verification of precipitation hindcasts from CFSv2 at different spatial and temporal scales across the contiguous United States
18 Sun ESRL Global Coupled Atmosphere/Ocean Models for Climate and Seasonal Forecast Applications
19 Thiaw NCEP/CPC Climate Dynamics of Africa in the NCEP Climate Forecast System
20 Vintzileos NCEP/CPC Realtime Oceanographic Monitoring and Forecasting Support of DYNAMO using CFS
21 Wang, H. NCEP/CPC Comparison of Dynamical-Statistical Hurricane Prediction Skill between CFSv1 and CFSv2
22 Wen NCEP/CPC Prediction skills of North Pacific SSTs and PDO in the NCEP CFSV2
23 Xie NCEP/CPC Correcting the Bias in the CFS Version 2 Land Precipitation Forecasts
24 Yoo UMD/ESSIC An analysis of NCEP GFS low clouds over the eastern tropical oceans using satellite and ground-based measurements
25 Zhang, Q. NCEP/CPC Relative Merit of Model Improvement versus Availability of Retrospective Forecasts: The case of Climate Forecast System MJO prediction