Selection Criteria & Program Policies

The following guidelines and policies are related to the Postdocs Applying Climate Expertise Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

Primary Qualifications

Quality and Relevance

  • Relevance may override quality in some cases.


Secondary Considerations

Changing Institutions

  • Postdoc must move on to another institution, except in compelling circumstances.

Host Matching / Purpose

  • Host is responsible for guiding and mentoring fellow, but fellow is an independent researcher.
  • One or two page letter of interest from host indicating areas of focus and vitae is required.
  • Hosts are not expected to compete for postdocs.

Reference Letters

  • Four professional reference letters are required. One must be from thesis advisor.
  • Letters should be from other than the potential host.

Past Postdoc Level

  • Preference is given to those who have held a PhD for no more than three years.

Quantity of Postdocs per Institution

  • Committee will strive for balance in distribution of postdocs placed at various institutions.

Committee Member Hosting Postdoc

  • Committee members should not directly host postdocs.
  • Postdoc may go to a committee members institution and work in member's group, but committee member should disassociate themselves from the fellow.

Applicant from Committee Member's Institution

Members who are from the same administrative unit as applicant should not take part in:

  • Voting
  • Advocacy (which could lead to promoting a candidate unfairly over another)
  • Committee member should leave room for deliberations and vote
  • Questions of fact are okay.

Finish Date for PhD

  • Applicants should apply only if they anticipate finishing their PhD by 31 December of the award year.

Hosting Institutions

  • Hosting institutions must be in the U.S.
  • Hosts are expected to provide office space, telephone, workstation and secretarial support for the fellow.
  • They are also expected to guide and mentor the fellow without inhibiting the ability for the fellow to become an independent researcher.

Proposal Submissions

Because of the short-term nature of a postdoctoral appointment, UCAR postdoctoral fellows cannot serve as PIs on proposals submitted under the UCAR affiliation.  In individual cases fellows may affiliate with another institution as a Co-PI.

Please contact Kendra Greb or Julie Cross before making this type of commitment.