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UCAR Ethics

The UCAR Ethics program, with its associated policies and procedures, lays a framework for behavior.  But ethics are an individual decision. We are providing the framework, but each individual employee must commit to acting within that framework.

As a publicly supported corporation, we are charged with the public trust and must commit ourselves to spending federal money wisely and ensuring that our work is honest and above reproach.

UCAR Ethics Program

UCAR Conflict of Interests Policy Statement:

Conflicts of interest, or the appearance of such, may compromise UCAR's integrity, its standing with sponsors, and its status as a tax-exempt organization and must, therefore, be scrupulously avoided. Employees may not use their position with UCAR to make a profit or obtain any other personal advantage, either for themselves, their families, or any other person or entity in whom or in which they have a financial or other vested interest.

Potential and actual conflicts of interest must be managed so that UCAR's mission is not compromised, research conducted at UCAR is free from bias or perceived bias, the investment of the public is protected, and confidence in the integrity of UCAR's activities is maintained. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to UCAR employees on their involvement in activities that may result in such conflicts and to comply with Federal government requirements.

Proposal Submissions

Because of the short-term nature of Postdoctoral Fellowships and Postdoctoral Researcher appointments, post-docs are generally not eligible to be a PI on a proposal unless a specific sponsor announcement requires that a postdoc serve as the PI (e.g. NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship), the work is specific to that postdoc, or the project would be finalized within the timeframe of their current UCAR employment. Post-docs may be allowed to serve as PIs with the stipulation that a senior UCAR staff member (Hanne Mauriello, CPAESS Director) be designated as Co-PI. For these situations, postdocs should contact Kendra Greb or Julie Cross before making this type of commitment. Please check with Kendra Greb or Julie Cross before requesting to be affiliated with UCAR in the NASA NSPIRES, NSF Research.gov systems, or any other system.


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