"The professional staff at CPAESS has made it their business to understand every aspect of program management relevant to investments in scientific research."

Supporting NOAA Activities
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"CPAESS played a truly pivotal role in making this meeting of the panel highly successful as well as comfortable and relaxed."

P. S.
OHHI Advisory Panel Meeting
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"Everything CPAESS staff arranged worked out just the way it was supposed to."

W. M.
Everything Worked Out
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"... JOSS (now CPAESS) brought a level of expertise and experience in planning these kinds of scientific investigators meetings that was superb."

C. S.
RISA PI Meeting in California
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"Even the unexpected was adequately planned for! ..."

D. G.
WRF in the Middle East
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"CPAESS staff was more than pleasant when dealing with the 220+ scientists we had at the meeting.  They were prepared and there were no glitches."

L. H.
AURA Science Team Meeting
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