AMS 2023 CPAESS Presentations

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Time (MST) Last Name First Name Affiliation Poster/Abstract Title for Presentation Presentation Type Session Number and Title

Monday, January 9

16:00 - 16:15 Alaka Laura CPAESS & National Hurricane Center Analyzing Probabilistic Storm Surge Guidance at NHC Oral Presentation Joint Session 4 - FACETs focus: Tropical Weather
16:15 - 16:30 McCoy Isabel NOAA C&GC Postdoc; UCAR, CPAESS & UMiami (now at NOAA CSL/CIRES) Aitken-Mode Aerosol Influence on Mid-Latitude Mesoscale Cloud Morphology Oral Presentation Session 4A Aerosol-Cloud Interactions over the North Atlantic Ocean: Insights from Recent Field Campaigns I
17:00 - 18:30 McCoy Isabel NOAA C&GC Postdoc; UCAR, CPAESS & UMiami (now at NOAA CSL/CIRES) Evaluation of Trade-Wind Mesoscale Morphology Evolution and Transitions Poster Poster Session Mesoscale Cloud Organization: The Role of Meteorology and Aerosols Posters

Tuesday, January 10

9:45-10:00 Zabow Morgan NOAA CPO The National Integrated Heat Health Information System: A Federal Approach to Addressing Extreme Heat and Health Oral Presentation 14th conference on environment and health: Session 5 - Local, State, and Federal Government Response to Climate and Health Challenges
10:45-11:00 Mueller Michael UCAR/CPAESS, NOAA AOML Assimilation of WindBorne Systems Long-Duration Smart Weather Balloon Observations in NCEP's Global Data Assimilation System Oral Presentation Session 6B - Numerical Analysis and Prediction Experiments Involving Observations: Data Impact and Observation Sensitivity Tests II
10:45 - 12:00 Stienbarger Cheyenne CPAESS & NOAA Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program Coordinating NOAA's Observing and Modeling Efforts to Better Understand Rapid Intensification of Extreme Events Oral Presentation Session 7B - Extreme Maritime Weather – Met-Ocean Services, Science, and Observations to Enhance Decision Making in the Expanding Blue Economy II
12:15-13:15 Patterson Michael US CLIVAR Project Office US CLIVAR Town Hall on the Air-Sea Transition Zone Town Hall Town Hall Meeting - US CLIVAR Town Hall on the Air-Sea Transition Zone
13:30-15:00 Skumanich Marina NOAA NIDIS Town Hall: Soil Moisture Data and You: When, Where, and How Oral Presentation Joint Panel Discussion J7A - Soil Moisture Data and You: When, Where, and How
17:00-18:30 Johnston Benjamin UCAR/CPAESS, NOAA AOML Impacts of Assimilating COSMIC-2 GNSS-RO Bending Angle Observations on HWRF Tropical Cyclone Forecasts from the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Poster Poster Session - 13th Conference on Transition of Research to Operations (13R2O)
18:00-19:15 Jacobs Neil NOAA/OAR/WPO, UCAR/CPAESS Town Hall: NOAA / Unified Forecast System Modeling Forum Oral Presentation Town Hall Meeting - NOAA / Unified Forecast System Modeling Forum

Wednesday, January 11

17:00 PM - 18:30 PM Dubots Leah OAR Give Your Dissertation WINGS: The WPO Innovation for Next-Generation Scientists (WINGS) Fellowship Program Poster Poster Session - Frameworks for Scientific Innovation and Community Modeling: Developments in Practices, Governance, Policy, Social Science, Community Engagement and Education

Thursday, January 12

14:45-15:00 Xiang Baoqiang NOAA GFDL Subseasonal controls of U.S. landfalling hurricanes and their potential predictability Oral Presentation Tropical waves, observation, and intraseasonal variability (I)