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The objective of the program is to help create the next generation of researchers needed for climate studies. It endeavors to attract recent PhDs in sciences that address studies of relevance to the NOAA Climate Program Office. Desired research areas focus on observing, understanding, modeling, and predicting climate variability and change on seasonal and longer time scales. This includes the documentation and analysis of past, current, or possible future climate variability and change as well as the study of the underlying physical, chemical, and biological processes.

This position provides the necessary focal point between the NOAA Ocean and Climate Monitoring program of the Ocean Observing and Monitoring Division (OOMD) and the federal and extramural, scientific community.  The ocean and climate monitoring component focuses on the development and improvement of ocean- and climate- related data sets, the transformation of ocean- and climate- -related observations into authoritative products, and the interpretation of these products to better understand the current and changing state of the, ocean, and Arctic and climate systems.


Deadline for Proposals: 1 March 2018

2018 Working Group topics area:

We are seeking proposals that develop these principles in relation to one or other of the following two topics:

  • TEC and ionospheric scintillation for GPS applications
  • Prediction and specification of >10 MeV proton flux

Proposals should focus on reviewing the current state of the art models and observations, evaluate how leading predictive models agree with in situ measurements and identify paths forward for addressing the key science and application gaps that need to be solved for improvements in models and predictions. This could include new and/or underutilized data sources that could be used to check predictive models, or identifying new methods for gathering in situ data that could be used to *drive* predictive models.

Application Deadline: 23 February

Applications are invited for the 2018 Heliophysics Summer School, which will be held in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We are seeking students to join us this coming summer for a unique professional experience. They will learn about the exciting science of heliophysics as a broad, coherent discipline that reaches in space from the Earth’s troposphere to the depths of the Sun, and in time from the formation of the solar system to the distant future.

The 2018 Summer School will focus on the foundations of heliophysics while exploring connections to adjacent disciplines from the perspective of our local cosmos: stars like the Sun, planets like those in the solar system (including exoplanets), and formation histories not too dissimilar from those that are relevant to understanding the formation, evolution, and present state of our immediate space environment.

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