CPAESS - Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science

CPAESS develops customizable solutions to complex scientific challenges by fostering scientific leadership and workforce, 
building community collaborations, and facilitating the advancement of research for the benefit of society.

"The structure of this program is wonderful. The Summer institute has a lasting impact on the fellows, through the connections that they make..."

"Postdoctoral fellows of the caliber supported by this program are of colossal value to the intellectual energy of any lab ..."

"The academic freedom provided by this program is of utmost importance for an early career scientist."

"The C&GC fellowship experience has been very productive and rewarding. I have learned a lot in terms of research, teaching, & applying for faculty positions."

"The mentoring I received has been very stimulating and intellectually challenging. I was very impressed with the responsiveness of the CPAESS office during my fellowship."

"I have only good words to say about CPAESS. Everyone is prompt and courteous in helping. I really appreciate the policy from UCAR that allows postdocs to be co-PIs on grant proposals."

"The CPAESS staff have been exceptionally accomodating throughout the process of the application and award...Each of my interactions was pleasant and enjoyable."

"Thanks for the great job organizing and handling us. Everything worked great, and I was really pleased that all went so well."

"The UCAR CPAESS administration was very helpful in facilitating my appointment. They should keep doing what they are doing."

"We quite literally could not have done these workshops without you and want to thank you and your entire team for your tireless efforts - and patience - in working with us to pull them all off."

"CPAESS played a truly pivotal role in making this meeting of the panel highly successful as well as comfortable and relaxed."

"Everything CPAESS staff arranged worked out just the way it was supposed to."

"The UCAR VSP staff facilitated me taking some time away from my research in order to teach an undergraduate class for one semester."

"Even the unexpected was adequately planned for! ..."

"I only wish every administration was as responsive, proactive, and pleasant as the people I've interacted with at CPAESS."

"’s just a pleasure to have a project where there is a target date, inevitable small hassles and changes, and yet the end result is that everything gets done, it’s perfectly workable, on time..."

"The CPAESS administration has greatly facilitated my research work. I appreciate the superior service and timely help from all the staff."

"The NOAA C&GC fellowship has been crucial in allowing me to pursue a career in atmospheric chemistry..."

"The Summer Institute provided great presentations and an outstanding cohort of active and former fellows."

"I really appreciate the great support you all provide. It sure makes hosting meetings a breeze."

"By allowing me to extend my fellowship due to the maternity leave..., UCAR made it possible for me to balance my personal commitments and professional goals."

"The fellowship program is valuable because it provides hosts an opportunity to work with excellent young scientists without a lot of administrative burden."

"... JOSS (now CPAESS) brought a level of expertise and experience in planning these kinds of scientific investigators meetings that was superb."

"I think this is the most successful postdoc fellowship program out there."

"They know exactly what they are doing and are therefore quite relaxed but at the same time in full control."

"The WCRP community is indeed fortunate to have the skills of such a talented group of individuals available for such critical events."

"CPAESS was always a step (or several) ahead of me.  The logistics were flawless in all aspects..."

"I can't tell you all how great it is to work with you! I wish every meeting I planned had such fantastic (and fun) support."

"I had an absolutely amazing time as a NOAA fellow – a really life-changing experience that has set me up for a career in science."

"The professional staff at CPAESS has made it their business to understand every aspect of program management relevant to investments in scientific research."

"CPAESS staff was more than pleasant when dealing with the 220+ scientists we had at the meeting.  They were prepared and there were no glitches."

"The C&GC program allows the flexibility to collaborate with other researchers, which leads to opportunities after the fellowship." 

"Your staff did an exemplary job in all aspects of coordination. This meeting was one of the rare instances that I did not hear a single complaint regarding organization."

 "It was so nice having you there to manage the logistics so we could focus on other things."

"I am grateful to CPAESS and the Naval Research Lab for the valuable opportunity that this appointment provided for my career growth."

"I have found this very valuable for building a diverse new skill set and professional relationships. CPAESS was an excellent administrator of this fellowship." 

"I would like to thank CPAESS and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research for outstanding supporting of the 10th meeting of the International Committee on GNSS (ICG)."

What is CPAESS?

The Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science (CPAESS) is a new program combining the expertise of two prior UCAR divisions: the Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS) and the Visiting Scientist Programs (VSP).

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The CPAESS team of professionals provides experience, value and expert management
tailored to meet specific needs of the science community.

Career Opportunities

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We provide professional development, training and research opportunities for early career to expert scientists from across the nation and around the world, to focus on the nation's cutting-edge science problems.

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Events Management

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We provide the framework for end-to-end event planning and management; venue acquisition; website services and event registration functions; surveys; financial management; logistics, virtual and broadcasting capabilities.

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Science & Discovery Partnerships

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We assemble experts and early career scientists, engineers, IT and program managers to address large-scale efforts that address compelling national science problems.

CPAESS CAMP Proposal Website

To submit a proposal to the UCAR Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program (CAMP), please visit the CAMP website

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