Your Event Pages on the CPAESS Website - What We Can Do For You

This is a description of what we can do on the website for your event.  We can add pages and forms for everything, unless registration fees need to be collected.  Cvent is used for registration forms when you need to collect fees.

Event pages

Sample event page

  • Event pages usually include the
    • Main page,
    • Logistics page, and
    • Agenda, Presentations, and Resources page
  • The second two pages above will appear as links in the meeting menu in the right sidebar. (See image to the right.)  See example. (Click image to see large version.)
  • We can also create an event that has more than just the three pages mentioned above, and a custom menu will be created with links to all pages, forms and documents.  See example.


Forms - Registration and more

We can create different forms for events.

  • Registration forms (UCAR does not allow us to collect fees – we use Cvent in that case for registration)
  • Other forms (speaker consent, lunch selection, surveys, etc.)
  • For Registration forms, we can add any custom questions you need.  We can add as much information as needed to the top of the form, below the event title
    • A custom confirmation email can be sent to the person registering (this is the norm). The confirmation email can have as much information as you need to send out to the attendees.  The confirmation email can be edited as the event date approaches to add new information.
    • Anyone can be sent an automated email notification every time someone submits the registration form.  Any custom text can be included in this email.
    • We can set a limit on the maximum number of registrations allowed for a meeting.
    • A registration form can be protected with a pw (for private, or “by invitation only” meetings)
    • A form can have conditional logic, meaning that more questions can be displayed, depending on what option is selected for a question.



Agendas come in many varied forms. Please take a look at the different types of agendas we have:

  1. Example of an Agenda PDF (a file with the agenda as a table)
  2. Example of an Agenda PDF (a file with a nicely formatted table)
  3. Example of a simple Agenda (a webpage with agenda in outline format)
  4. Example of a simple Agenda (a webpage with agenda in table format)
  5. Example of an Agenda (or Program) at a Glance (a webpage with an agenda in table format)
  6. Example of an Agenda with links to session recordings on YouTube (a webpage with agenda in table format)
  7. Example of a detailed Agenda with links (a webpage where talk titles link to abstracts)
  8. Example of a detailed Agenda with links (a webpage where talk titles link to presentation PDF files)
  9. Example of a detailed online Agenda with links  (a webpage where talk titles can link to abstracts, and there are links to presentation PDFs, and YouTube videos)

We suggest you do not ask us to link to an agenda that is a spreadsheet (whether it is an Excel file or a Google spreadsheet), because usually those are not easy to read, and just don't look very nice.


Abstract Collection

If you need us to collect abstracts, we can collect them using different methods.  You need to decide if you want us to collect abstracts solely for the purpose of reviewing them, or if you would also like the abstracts to be displayed on our website in any of the ways listed above in the Agenda section. Abstract submission forms can collect abstracts for either or both Talks and Posters.

Please take a look at the Agenda examples if you think you are interested in this. The decision you make on what kind of agenda you want needs to be made before we start collecting abstracts. Our web developer is happy to talk to you about the details. Please ask the Meeting Planner you are working with to connect you with the CPAESS web developer.


Poster Gallery or Table

We can create a Poster Gallery (with poster thumbnail image and title of poster) or a simple table of poster titles and author.  The poster authors need to provide us with the poster PDF, which we link to the title in the poster gallery or poster table.

Example of a Poster Gallery

Example of a Poster List in table format



We can create a page with a simple list or table of presentations, including the Talk Titles and Author – 3 examples:

Presentations - example 1

Presentations - example 2

See an example of a webpage with links to Abstracts


Participant List

A Participant list created from the registration data – see example



We usually display a banner on the meeting homepage. We have a graphics artist that can create this for you.  Please ask the Meeting Planner you are working with to connect you with the CPAESS graphics artist.



We can give you a login account to the site so that you can login to view/download Registration data as it comes in, and if we are collecting abstracts, you can view/download the Abstracts as they come in. We can have an email sent to any email address(es) when a registration or an abstract is submitted.