Scientific Community Building & Events

As a part of UCAR, CPAESS is embedded in the Earth system science culture and is uniquely positioned to assemble your scientific community for conferences, workshops, and events. We provide a comprehensive suite of services including virtual and hybrid meetings, planning and management, financial management, broadcasting capabilities, website development, registration services, digital communications, and a multitude of other logistic capacities. 

Poster Sessions and speakers at events


Educational Events

CPAESS also holds educational events such as summer schools, institutes, and advisory committee meetings. These enable sharing and deepening of specific scientific topics as well as training and networking opportunities. Some examples of this are:

NASA “Living With a Star” Heliophysics Summer School

Occurs each year in Boulder. It is open to both graduate students and educators and focuses on the physics of space weather events that start at the Sun and influence atmospheres, ionospheres, and magnetospheres throughout the solar system.

NOAA Climate and Global Change Summer Institute

Held every other year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for past and present participants of the fellowship program. The primary goal of the Institute is to build a stronger community by introducing the postdoctoral fellows - who are hosted at research institutions throughout the U.S. - to each other and to more senior scientists.