C&GC Class 27


Leander Anderegg

Leander Anderegg

  • Research Topic: Biology, plant response carbon cycle
  • PhD Institution: Biology, University of Washington
  • Host: University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Todd Dawson
  • Website
Updated on: 7/25/2018
Kelvin Bates

Kelvin Bates

  • Research Topic: AtmosChem, global oxidant budgets
  • PhD Institution: Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
  • Host: Harvard University, Dr. Daniel Jacob
  • Website
Updated on: 8/7/2019
Rei Chemke

Rei Chemke

  • Research Topic: Climate, atmos dynamics, sea surface temp on tropical expansion
  • PhD Institution: Atmospheric Dynamics, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Host: Columbia University, Dr. Lorenzo M. Polvani
  • Website
Updated on: 10/4/2017
Christopher Horvat

Christopher Horvat

  • Research Topic: Ice, applied mathematics, ice floes & ocean flows
  • PhD Institution: Applied Mathematics, Harvard University
  • Host: Brown University, Dr. Baylor Fox-Kemper
  • Website
Updated on: 1/10/2018

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