C&GC Class 31

At CPAESS we facilitate the NOAA Climate and Global Change (C&GC) Postdoctoral program. Our goal is to train the next generation of leading researchers needed for climate studies. See more information about the program by viewing the pages in the block to the right.


Yue Dong
 Picture of Yue
  • Research Topic: Understanding the pattern of recent tropical Pacific sea-surface temperature trends
  • PhD Institution: University of Washington
  • Host: Dr. Lorenzo Polvani, Columbia University
Updated on: 5/4/2021
Henri Drake
 Picture of Henri
  • Research Topic: Parameterization of Bottom Mixed Layer Eddies and Their Impact on Climate
  • PhD Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Host: Dr. Sonya Legg, Princeton University
Updated on: 5/4/2021
Brittany Hupp
 Picture of Brittany
  • Research Topic: Utilization of Northern California Current Historical Records for Paleoproxy Development
  • PhD Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Host: Dr. Jennifer Fehrenbacher, Oregon State University
Updated on: 5/4/2021
Laura Larocca
 Picture of Laura
  • Research Topic: An Arctic-wide assessment of glacier and ice cap lifespans
  • PhD Institution: Northwestern University
  • Host: Dr. Darrell Kaufman, Northern Arizona University
Updated on: 5/4/2021
Lindsay McCulloch
 Picture of Lindsay
  • Research Topic: Can canopy gaps resolve the large uncertainty in tropical forest nitrogen cycling and carbon capture?
  • PhD Institution: Brown University
  • Host: Dr. Ben Taylor, Harvard University
Updated on: 5/4/2021
Mukund Palat Rao
 Picture of Mukund
  • Research Topic: The fate of forest carbon from photosynthesis to biomass under drought and climate change
  • PhD Institution: Columbia University
  • Host: Dr. Troy Magney, University of California, Davis
Updated on: 5/4/2021
Lettie Roach
 Picture of Lettie
  • Research Topic: Hemispheric contracts in the seasonal cycle of sea ice
  • PhD Institution: Victoria University of Wellington
  • Host: Dr. Ian Eisenman, University of California, San Diego
Updated on: 5/4/2021
Katherine Siegel
 Picture of Katherine
  • Research Topic: Impacts of forest management types on wildfire severity, ecological assemblages, climate change resistance, ecosystem processes, and socially vulnerable communities in the western US
  • PhD Institution: University of California, Berkeley
  • Host: Dr. Laura Dee, University of Colorado, Boulder
Updated on: 5/4/2021
Barbara Wortham
 Picture of Barbara
  • Research Topic:  Assessing the role of global CO2 variability on plant function throughout the last 55ka in California
  • PhD Institution: University of California, Davis
  • Host: Dr. Daniel Stolper and Dr. Todd Dawson, University of California, Berkeley
Updated on: 5/4/2021