CGC Class 33

At CPAESS we facilitate the NOAA Climate and Global Change (C&GC) Postdoctoral program. Our goal is to train the next generation of leading researchers needed for climate studies. See more information about the program by viewing the pages in the block to the right.

Lilian Dove
Headshot of Lilian
  • Proposal Topic: Vertical Density Stratification and Spatial Variability of Submesoscale Carbon Fluxes across the Southern Ocean
  • PhD Institution: California Institute of Technology
  • Co-Hosts: Dr. Mara Freilich, Brown University and Dr. Lia Siegelman, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Lily Hahn
Headshot of Lily Hahn
  • Proposal Topic: Impacts of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation on Global and High-Latitude Warming
  • PhD Institution: University of Washington
  • Host: Dr. Nick Lutsko at Scripps Research Institution of Oceanography
Makoto Kelp
headshot Makoto Kelp
  • Proposal Topic: PREscribed Fire Intelligent Recommendation System (PREFIRS): Uncovering the Climate Drivers of Smoke Exposure in the Western United States
  • PhD Institution: Harvard University
  • Host: Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford University
Aaron Potkay
Headshot of Aaron Potkay
  • Proposal Topic: Understanding and predicting forest dynamics under drought and heatwaves: Application of a novel growth maximization theory
  • PhD Institution: Rutgers University
  • Co-Hosts: Dr, Xue Feng, University of Minnesota and Dr. Peter B. Reich, University of Michigan
Ronnakrit Rattanasriampaipong
Headshot of Ronnakrit Rattanasriampaipong
  • Proposal Topic: TEXAS: Towards a full proxy system modeling of TetraEther indeX of Ammonia oxidizerS and reanalysis of temperature trends for the past 100 million years
  • PhD Institution: Texas A&M University
  • Host: Dr. Jessica Tierney, University of Arizona
Clare Singer
Headshot of Clare Singer
  • Proposal Topic: Using observed hemispheric albedo symmetry to understand coupling between clouds and circulation
  • PhD Institution: California Institute of Technology
  • Co-Hosts: Dr. Yi Ming and Dr. Robert Pincus at Boston College and Columbia Climate School, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Arianna Varuolo-Clarke
Headshot of Arianna Varuolo-Clarke
  • Proposal Topic: Investigating drivers of midlatitude precipitation change in a warming world
  • PhD Institution: Columbia University
  • Host: Dr. Jennifer E. Kay at University of Colorado, Boulder
Noam Vogt-Vincent
Headshot of Noam Vogt-Vincent
  • Proposal Topic: The potential for coral reef range expansion
  • PhD Institution: University of Oxford
  • Host: Dr. Lisa McManus, University of Hawai'i at Manoa