NAME Modeling and Data Assimiliation R&D Meeting

Agenda Track

NAME Science Working Group*

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Purpose:  To revise, add to and generally complete the Science and Implementation Plan for NAME Modeling and Data Assimilation Research and Development.


Friday  6 June 2003


8:00 am          Opening Remarks and Expected Outcome (Mo)

8:05 am          NAME Modeling and Data Assimilation R&D (Schubert)

8:35 am          The North American Monsoon Assessment Project (NAMAP): What have we learned? (Kim)

9:05 am          Summary of NAME 2004: Status and Plans (Higgins)

9:35 am          Summary of the Ensenada meeting on the oceanographic component of NAME (Farfan)

9:45 am          Break


10:00– 11:30 am Working session on Phase 1: Model Development (Moncrieff)

10:00 am        Global modeling perspective (Bacmeister)

10:15 am        Regional model perspective (Mitchell)

10:30 am        Multi scale modeling perspective (Moncrieff)

10:45 am        Discussion


11:30 am        Lunch


12:30-2:00 pm  Working session on Phase 2: Data Assimilation and Analysis (Stensrud)

12:30 pm        Opening remarks (Stensrud)

12:45 pm        Global and regional data assimilation at the NCEP during NAME (Mo)

1:00 pm          Challenging scientific issues for NAME in the context of data assimilation (Zupanski) 

1:15 pm          Discussion

2:00 pm          Break


2:20 pm           Summary of NAME Hydrometeorology Working Group plans  (Gochis)


2:30-4:00 pm Working session on Phase 3: Predictability and Forecasts (Schemm)

2:30 pm          Seasonal climate predictability over NAME region (Schemm)

2:45 pm          Prediction and predictability on intraseasonal time scales  (Schubert)

3:00 pm          Statistical Forecast of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (Jones)

3:15 pm          Discussion


4:00 pm          Conclusions / Assignments