Travel Request Form - CPAESS Employee

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires your full name, gender and birth date with every ticketed airline reservation. Please provide your name exactly as it appears on the government issued ID you will be presenting at airport security, e.g. Driver's License or Passport.

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UCP COVID-19 Travel Request Form

Please fill out the UCP COVID-19 Travel Request Form (a Word doc) first before you fill out this form.

Domestic Travel: UCAR employees can travel domestically to meetings and conferences, but must obtain approval first from their Lab/Program/Center/Office (L/P/C/O) level. UCP has created the attached UCP COVID-19 Travel Request form that all UCP|CPAESS employees must complete and have approved before a UCAR Travel Request can be approved. Please follow the steps below to insure a smooth process:

1) Complete the above UCP Covid-19 Travel Request Form and send it to your CPAESS supervisor for signatures. Once your supervisor has signed the form, forward it to Michelle McCambridge ( and she will obtain the Director's signature. If your supervisor is Hanne Mauriello, please fill out the form and return it to Michelle McCambridge ( and she will get the appropriate signatures.  If you are a Postdoc, please fill out the form and return it to Kendra Greb ( for signatures.

2) Next submit the CPAESS Employee Travel Request Form below.

International and/or Field Work Travel: All international and/or field work travel requests require a more in-depth approval process that includes a review by UCAR's Health and Environmental Safety Services team and approval by UCAR President Tony Busalacchi. Please contact your supervisor and Michelle McCambridge ( if you are planning any trips of this sort. The entire approval process can take 2-4 weeks to complete, and we cannot purchase airline tickets until approval has been obtained. Please give us as much lead time as possible to help you navigate the process. More information can be found here:


Traveler Information
Name exactly as it appears on picture ID shown to U.S. TSA
Please enter only numbers (no dashes or periods, just 10 numbers). For example: 3031234567
Please enter only numbers (no dashes or periods, just 10 numbers). For example: 3031234567
Date of birth *
Please indicate the Conference/Workshop name if applicable.
Trip Information
Departure Date *
Return Date *
Please enter the CIty, State, Country

Note: Lowest rates are almost always obtained when travel includes a Saturday night stay and tickets are purchased at least 14 days in advance.

International Travel

INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS PLEASE NOTE: It is the policy of UCAR to comply with all export laws and regulations of the United States. International travelers need to know their responsibilities under export control regulations. Please read the guidelines found at this link and check the box below.

Export Compliance *
No Cost Insurance Only Travel
Is this travel request for INSURANCE PURPOSES ONLY (you are not requesting UCAR travel funds)? *
I. Means of Transportation
I will be traveling by: *
Will you need a rental car? *


It is required that you book all foreign business travel through CPAESS. If you purchase your own ticket, you are financially responsible for that ticket.

Airline Reservations
Please specify the airport.
Please specify the airport.
Departure Date *
Return Date *
Please specify the airport.
Please specify the airport.
Do you have any special seating requests?
Ground Travel Information
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Train Travel Information
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If you are purchasing your train tickets yourself, please indicate this in the "Additional Information" text box below, along with the estimated cost of the tickets.

Rental Car

Rental Cars: UCAR has preferred rate agreements with Hertz, Avis, Budget, Enterprise and National car rentals. CPAESS will reserve these for you and they will be direct-billed. Direct billing is only available for domestic car rentals.


  1. If UCAR books your travel and you use one of the rental agencies listed above, you are automatically covered by UCAR insurance for all domestic car rentals. UCAR cannot reimburse any additional insurance you accept from the rental agency. If you would like a copy of UCAR's current insurance card, please let us know and we will send the information to you.
  2. If you are using a preferred agency rental car during personal time during your trip, charges will be prorated and the cost of any personal use will be deducted from your total reimbursement when your voucher is processed.
  3. UCAR can reimburse fuel expenses for rental cars. Please keep your receipts.
II. Lodging

Travelers must make their own hotel reservations and submit an itemized hotel bill for reimbursement.  You will, however, be reimbursed the actual cost of your hotel room. Please let us know if you will be staying with friends or relatives rather than in a hotel.

III. Registration

Please pay the registration fee and obtain a receipt for reimbursement.

Registration Fees *
IV. Travel Advance

If you need an advance, the request must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to travel. A reasonable advance amount is usually the estimate of hotel expenses and per diem. Your CPAESS contact can suggest an amount. If your reimbursement expenses are less than the amount of the advance, you must pay back the overpayment and submit all receipts to reconcile the advance funds.

Advance Options
V. Reimbursement

Please submit all receipts as soon as you return from travel. All travel should be reconciled within two (2) weeks of your return. Once CPAESS receives your receipts, a voucher will be completed and sent to you by e-mail for your review, certification, dating and e-mail scan return.

If you are not set up for direct deposit, please enter the address where check should be sent.

The submission of this form might take several seconds.  Please do not click "Submit" button more than once.