Climate Working Group (CWG) Summer 2012 Meeting

30 July 2012 to 31 July 2012
Washington, DC
UPDATED - 8/7/12


8/7/12 - Final presentations, Revised logistics, Revised participant list
7/29/12 - Revised presentations
7/27/12 - Revised agenda. Presentations
7/26/12 - Revised read-ahead documents, Revised participant list
7/25/12 - Revised participant list
7/24/12 - Revised agenda, Revised participant list, Revised logistics
7/19/12 - Read-ahead background materials
7/17/12 - Revised draft agenda, Revised Participant list
7/12/12 - Draft agenda, Revised participant list
7/2/12 - Participant list

Agenda (updated - 7/27/12)

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Read-ahead Background Materials (UPDATED - 7/26/12)

  1. Climate change impacts on marine ecosystems (Doney et al 2012) (NEW - 7/25/12)
  2. On the use of IPCC-class models to assess the impact of climate on Living Marine Resources (Stock et al 2011) (NEW - 7/25/12)
  3. Climate change impacts on the biophysics and economics of world fisheries (Sumaila et al 2011) (NEW - 7/25/12)
  4. Needs Assessment: Climate-related Products and Services for Sustainable Marine Ecosystems in a Changing Climate (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sustainable Marine Ecosystems Team) (NEW - 7/26/12)


Confirmed Participant List (UPDATED - 8/7/12)

Please Note: Your contact information will be used for your registration and our meeting purposes. This will include compilation of a participant list, which will be printed as well as available online. This information is not to be used by or shared with third parties for any other purpose whatsoever. If you elect not to be on the participant list, please contact Brian Jackson ( at your earliest convenience. 

Final Presentations