IOC Electoral Group I Meeting: The Role and Scope of the IOC in Marine Science and in the Global Ocean Observing System Implemented by the Group I Countries

26-27 May 2014
26 May 2014 to 27 May 2014
De Bilt, The Netherlands

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Draft Agenda

Introduction to the Meeting

Introduction to Topics and Questions for Group I Discussions

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Registration is closed.

Meeting Location

De Holle Bilt 1
3732 HM De Bilt
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)30 220 58 11

We will meet in the Beerschoten Room

A block of sleeping rooms is being held at this hotel. You may reserve your room by selecting your room type and check-in and check-out information during the registration process. Melanie Russ will use that information to send your reservation request directly to the hotel. *Please complete your registration and hotel request by Friday, May 9th in order to secure the group rate.*
There are 2 types of rooms available for reservation. Both types included breakfast.
The Comfort room is 115 per night, plus a tax of €1.30 per person, per night.
The Comfort deluxe room is 130 per night, plus a tax of €1.30 per person, per night.

Group Dinner

A group dinner will be held on Monday, May 26th at restaurant de artisjok. Please indicate your plans to attend when you complete the registration form.

Directions to the Hotel

De Bilt, east of the city of Utrecht, is approximately 30 km southeast of Amsterdam. Amsterdam International Airport, called Schiphol, and Utrecht CS (Main Railway Station), are connected by train.
From Schiphol Airport to Utrecht Central Station
There are trains from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht leaving every fifteen minutes. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes, and no changeovers are necessary. Reservations don’t have to be made. Further information on train connections can be found on the site of the Dutch Railways or the Journey Planner.
After midnight there are still trains, but they will take longer (50 minutes).
The train fare for the single trip from Schiphol to Utrecht CS amounts to approximately €8.30 (2nd Class) or €14.10 (1st Class). It is not possible to buy tickets on the train, so be sure to purchase your ticket prior to boarding the train. If you don’t have a ticket once on board, you are likely to incur a fine. Ticket machines should accept bank cards and credit cards. When buying the ticket at the ticket windows there is a surcharge of €0.50.
From Utrecht Central Station to Hotel De Bilt
You can travel from Utrecht Central Station to Hotel De Bilt by taxi or by bus.
Taking a Taxi
Travel by taxi is more convenient, but will cost more: €15 - €25. Taxi stands can be found at the bus station. When leaving the top platform of the Central Station you follow the signs which indicate ‘Centrum’ and ‘Busstation oost’. Taxi drivers should know the hotel.
Taking the Bus
There are buses leaving Utrecht Central Station for De Bilt roughly every 10 - 20 minutes. The numbers are: 50, 52, 53, 74. These are regional buses and they start in front of the station. When leaving the top platform of the Central Station you follow the signs which indicate ‘Centrum’ and ‘Busstation oost’. The buses have various regional destinations, so do not get confused by that. The bus numbers are indicated on the buses. Bus times are accessible through the 9292 Journey Planner.
You can buy a ticket at the bus.
The bus stop for the Hotel De Bilt is called ‘Tunneltje De Bilt’, which refers to a small bicycle tunnel at the stop (see the map below). Bus travel time is about 20 minutes.
Utrecht Bus Map
To go to the hotel walk 30 meters away from the main road towards a little farm, then walk back into the small bicycle tunnel at your left hand side and cross the road. After about 150 meters turn right into a main street, cross the traffic lights and walk another 500 meters towards the hotel. This is approximately a 10-minute walk.
Directions to Utrecht Central Station
Travelling back to Utrecht Central Station can also be done by taxi or by bus.
If you prefer a taxi, the hotel can order one for you.
Going back by bus is straightforward. There is a bus stop at the Hotel De Bilt from which you can go directly to the Utrecht Central Station (only in this direction).