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NOAA GeoXO Atmospheric Composition Town Hall
29 April, 2021
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm US EST
Virtual Meeting


NOAA’s Geostationary Extended Observations (GeoXO) satellite system is the ground-breaking mission that will advance Earth observations from geostationary orbit.  GeoXO will supply vital information to address major environmental challenges of the future in support of U.S. weather, ocean and climate operations.

The GeoXO mission will continue and expand observations provided by the GOES-R Series. GeoXO will bring new capabilities to address emerging environmental issues and challenges that threaten the security and well-being of every American.

NOAA is working to ensure these critical observations are in place by the early 2030s as the GOES-R Series nears the end of its operational lifetime.

Meeting Objectives

  • Introduce the GeoXO mission to the Atmospheric Composition (AC) community
  • Share with the community the potential AC capabilities from a NOAA geo satellite system
  • Provide a forum for the research and user community to ask questions, as well as submit comments and ideas

Final Agenda

(Updated on April 23, 2021)

12:00 pm

Welcome Craig McLean (NOAA/OAR) and Steve Volz (NOAA/NESDIS)

12:10 pm

GEO-XO Overview, Pam Sullivan (NOAA/GOES-R)

12: 30 pm

Transitioning NASA Capabilities to NOAA GEO-XO ACX, Joanna Joiner (NASA/GFSC)

12: 45 pm

Current NOAA Satellite AC, Shobha Kondragunta (NOAA/NESDIS)

1: 00 pm

GEO-XO AC Capabilities, Greg Frost (NOAA/OAR)

1:15 pm


1:40 pm


2:00 pm

Algorithm & Products Panel, Kelly Chance (Harvard); Brian McDonald (NOAA/OAR); Jun Wang (Univ. of Iowa); Caroline Nowlan (Harvard Cfa/SAO)

2:40 pm

Algorithm & Products Discussion

3:00 pm

Applications Panel, Ivanka Stajner (NOAA/NWS); Pablo Saide (UCLA); Barron Henderson and Shannon Koplitz (EPA); Susan Anenberg (George Washington Univ.)

3:40 pm

Applications Discussion

4:00 pm

Meeting Closeout, Mitch Goldberg (NOAA/NESDIS)


Meeting Contacts

For programmatic questions:
Monika Kopacz,

For logistics questions:
Heidi Allen, 

Meeting Organizers

Greg Frost (NOAA/OAR)
Shobha Kondragunta (NOAA/NESDIS)
Monika Kopacz (NOAA/OAR)
Victoria Breeze (NOAA/OAR and UCAR/CPAESS)



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