SABRE / ACCLIP Science Team Meeting

mountain with low clouds and sunset background
Apr. 30 to May. 3, 2024

8:00 am – 12:00 pm MDT

Boulder, CO
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The joint SABRE and ACCLIP Joint Science Team Meeting (STM) will bring together investigators from the two closely-related airborne campaigns to present scientific results. The 2022 NASA/NSF Asian Summer Monsoon Chemical & CLimate Impact Project (ACCLIP) provided upper tropospheric / lower stratospheric measurements of traces gases, aerosols, clouds, and radiation in the outflow of the Asian summer monsoon (ASM) in order to assess the impact of the ASM on the broader atmosphere. The NOAA Stratospheric Aerosol processes, Budget and Radiative Effects (SABRE) project deployment in 2023 provided a similar set of measurements in the subtropics and midlatitudes over north America, as well as extensive measurements during boreal late winter/early spring in the Arctic to study processes of stratospheric aerosol formation, transport and fate.


UCAR Center Green Auditorium
3080 Center Green Drive
Boulder, CO 80301


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