Southern Plains DEWS Partners Meeting

yellow field with grey storm clouds
Aug. 2 to Aug. 3, 2022

8:11 am MDT

Norman, OK
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This regional gathering will bring together partners within the Southern Plains Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) network. The objectives of this 2-day meeting are to:

  • Build/rebuild partnerships that may have lagged during the pandemic
  • Reiterate the presence of climate service providers and other partners in the region and make plans for working together
  • Showcase tools, resources, assessments, and capacity building that each network has to offer
  • Refresh the dialog about drought and other climate extremes.

Who Should Attend:

This dialogue is particularly relevant to those entities that engage in the following activities:

  • Monitor drought conditions
  • Engage in drought and water planning
  • Utilize climate information in decision making
  • Provide information on climate conditions, extremes and impacts
  • Conduct research related to drought monitoring, prediction, and risk.