UJNR Sea Bottom Survey Panel Meeting

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Jan. 30 to Feb. 2, 2024

12:08 pm MST

New Orleans, LA
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The UJNR or United States-Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources, is a bilateral cooperative program between the United States and Japan. The program focuses on scientific and technological collaboration in various fields related to natural resources, including energy, environment, and earth sciences. UJNR was established 50 years ago to facilitate the exchange of information, expertise, and technology between the two countries. The UJNR program covers a range of topics, such as geology, geophysics, seismology, oceanography, energy resources, environmental conservation, and more. There are over a dozen panels in total, and the one we are concerned with (Sea Bottom Surveys) was facilitated by UCAR in 2018. It involves collaboration between researchers, scientists, and experts from both the United States and Japan, fostering mutual understanding and advancement in these scientific and technological areas. The UJNR program has been in place for several decades and has contributed to the advancement of knowledge and technology in natural resources and related fields through the exchange of research findings, joint projects, and cooperative efforts between scientists and researchers from the United States and Japan.