2022 CEDAR Workshop

Jun 26, 2022

From 19 - 24 June 2022, CPAESS was again pleased to manage the CEDAR (Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions Program) Workshop with our colleagues at NCAR’s High Altitude Observatory (HAO). This year the 2022 CEDAR Workshop was held in person at the LINE Hotel on Ladybird Lake in Austin, Texas. 

CEDAR student group photo

The CEDAR Workshop had Student Day on Sunday with educational opportunities specifically geared towards their enrichment.

CEDAR’s mission is to understand the fundamental properties of the space-atmosphere interaction region; identify the interconnected processes that define the local and global behavior, the evolution, and influence on the Sun | Earth system; and to explore their predictability. This mission is continuously evolving to anticipate the next generation of scientific breakthroughs and foster cross-disciplinary activities by exploring connections between CEDAR science and other disciplines.

The CEDAR workshop provides the community an opportunity to self-organize, exchange and foster new ideas. CEDAR strives to be a safe space for all participants with a strong educational component including community-organized breakout workshops as well as grand challenge workshops, poster sessions with a student poster competition, a student day, plenary sessions with science highlights, agency updates and tutorials, a distinguished lecture, and a prize lecture.

CEDAR student explains his research to Dr. Larisa Goncharenko, MIT Haystack Observatory, at the workshop.

CEDAR student explains his research to Dr. Larisa Goncharenko, MIT Haystack Observatory, at the workshop.

This workshop had a robust agenda that kicked off on Sunday, a day devoted to student activities, both in-person and streamed. Plenary talks covered a breadth of topics from Dynamics of the Thermosphere-ionosphere System During Geomagnetic Storms and Non-storms by Qian Wu (UCAR | COSMIC and NCAR | HAO), to System Science from Above and Below:  Past, Present, Future by Anthea Coster (MIT Haystack), to Data Science and Open Science in CEDAR: Data Science and Open Science in action in CEDAR by CPAESS NASA Jack Eddy Fellowship alumni Ryan McGranaghan (Orion Space Solutions). Extensive presentations, poster abstracts, and information from this year’s workshop can be found on the CEDAR Science website.

"I’m delighted that the CEDAR community was able to meet in person after two years as a virtual event. During this period of time and with the financial support from NSF, we were able to plan for a new and enhanced CEDAR website, which launched this year: their website.  Having this year’s meeting in Austin, Texas, with the ability to meet in person and face to face is truly wonderful for our scientific community,” commented Hanne Mauriello, SPS Center and CPAESS Director.

CPAESS Event Team Lead, Michelle McCambridge managed this event with CPAESS Event Planners, Maggie Costley, and Shelley Rabern. Together they worked in consultation with Astrid Maute of NCAR’s HAO and the CEDAR Steering Committee. By the numbers, the 2022 CEDAR Workshop had 275 in-person attendees and 52 virtual attendees from 20 different countries. It included 144 posters with 96 students, of which we supported with travel for 65.

Learn more about the important work of CEDAR with their online resources.

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