2022 NOAA Climate and Global Change Fellows

Mar 30, 2022

2022 NOAA C&GC Class

We are delighted to welcome the 2022 NOAA Climate and Global Change Fellows! CPAESS is honored to manage this prestigious fellowship focusing on observing, understanding, modeling, and predicting climate variability and change on seasonal and longer time scales. This includes the documentation and analysis of past, current, or possible future climate variability and change as well as the study of the underlying physical, chemical, and biological processes.

Over the past 31 years, the fellowship program has hosted 247 NOAA Climate and Global Change Fellows and has developed an outstanding reputation of attracting the best and the brightest PhDs in the sciences relevant to the NOAA Climate Program Office. Appointed fellows are hosted with mentoring scientists at U.S. universities and research institutions to work in an area of mutual interest. This is the 32nd class of this program. Here are our new fellows and their research plans:


Jhordanne Jones: Proposal Topic: The Subseasonal to Seasonal Predictability of Tropical Cyclone Activity in a Warming Climate. Host: Dr. Daniel R. Chavas, Purdue University. PhD Institution: Colorado State University

Tyler Kukla: Proposal Topic: Land-atmosphere coupling of the pan-Asian Monsoon in Miocene and Quaternary Green Sahara states. Host: Drs. Abigail Swann and Nicholas Siler, University of Washington. PhD Institution: Stanford University

Tianjia (Tina) Liu: Proposal Topic: Sensitivity of Western United States Wildfires to New Climate Extremes: Implications for Public Health and Aviation. Host: Dr. James Randerson, University of California, Irvine. PhD Institution: Harvard University

Channing Prend: Proposal Topic: Regional variability and trends of submesoscale ice-ocean coupling in Southern Ocean marginal ice zones. Host: Dr. Georgy Manucharyan, University of Washington and Dr. Andrew Thompson, California Institute of Technology. PhD Institution: Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego

Meghana Ranganathan: Proposal Topic: Bridging flow and fracture in ice sheet models for improved sea-level rise projections. Host: Dr. Alexander Robel, Georgia Institute of Technology. PhD Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Germán Vargas Gutierrez: Proposal Topic: A mechanistic framework to forecast vegetation resilience to drought across scales. Host: Dr. William R.L. Anderegg, University of Utah. PhD Institution: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Kathryn Wheeler: Proposal Topic: The connections between leaf phenology and mycorrhizae in a changing world. Host: Dr. Cesar Terrer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PhD Institution: Boston University

Qindan Zhu: Proposal Topic: Continental-scale OH trends: dominant drivers, underlying processes and future projections. Host: Dr. Arlene Fiore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PhD Institution: University of California, Berkeley


A sincere congratulations to you all. Find out more about this wonderful program.

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