CPAESS' 2023 Year in Review

Mar 18, 2024

Picture of the cover of the Year in Review (2023) document

This Year in Review for 2023 is filled with valuable insights into the remarkable achievements of both our scientific and business staff. It encapsulates their dedication to individual scientific endeavors, the development of new educational initiatives, engagement in public scientific outreach, and much more. CPAESS staff accomplishments have been both exceptional and abundant. I am genuinely appreciative of their hard work and innovative spirit, which truly drive the success of our program.

Throughout the year, Cindy and I have had the pleasure of traveling to various work locations and conferences across the country to personally engage with many members of CPAESS’ wonderful team. We eagerly anticipate reconnecting with many more of them nationwide in the coming year.

Their tireless efforts and groundbreaking work have positioned us strongly as we venture into 2024. I am excited about our many continued collaborations and partnerships that lie ahead. Please explore the innovation and hard work of our team which serves as the cornerstone of CPAESS’ commitment to delivering top-tier scientific programming.

Please view through this Year In Review flipbook link, or if you prefer a Year in Review pdf click here. Thanks to all our staff and partners.

With gratitude,

Hanne Mauriello

SPS | CPAESS Director

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