Hoteling in the CPAESS Business Office

Jan 2, 2024

We understand that much of the CPAESS staff either work from home or work in various offices across the country. To make sure you always have an office home away from home, CPAESS now has two hoteling spaces (3 desks) that our remote employees and visiting science staff can now reserve. The schedule is set up to reserve a desk in 4-hour blocks (morning and afternoon).

Tanya at CPAESS hoteling space

Budget Analyst Tanya Chaisitti at a CPAESS hoteling office set up.

Recently, Tanya Chaisitti of the CPAESS Business Office Finance Department used this service and said, "Wonderful hoteling space! I really appreciated having a spot to set up my work away from home. There was a docking station, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and even a sit-stand desk! It was easy to get connected and continue my day onsite. Kudos to Kim for putting together this fantastic space!" For more information or assistance with scheduling, please contact Kim Agado

Whether you are a remote worker or someone visiting the CPAESS Business Office, please reach out to us so that we can help you comfortably work while you are away from your typical office.

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