Juzer Dhondia wins Innovation Award

May 1, 2019

Photo of Juzer

A hearty congratulations to Juzer Fakhruddin Dhondia who just received word from the British Royal Meteorological Society that his work has been acknowledged with a 2018 Innovation Award. The goal of the winning project was "to develop and deliver a pilot surface water alerting tool...to inform civil contingencies responders of the risk of flooding and aid response arrangements, contributing to the protection of life, property and transport" for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. 

To do this Juzer and his colleagues combined "cutting edge Met Office science to forecast convective rainfall events (blended and nowcast ensembles), with the pluvial flood mapping products (hazard and risk) recently developed by SEPA, the pilot used the CEH Grid-to-Grid (G2G) hydrological model and SEPA’s library of surface water flood risk impacts to forecast the likelihood and impact of surface water events across the Glasgow conurbation. Innovative modelling and visualisation tools were developed within Deltares’s Flood Early Warning System environment. The information was conveyed to end-users through a daily surface water flood briefing supported by a forecast hazard impact map and guidance."

Juzer Dhondia is an Associate Scientist for CPAESS working at NOAA's Office of Water Prediction in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where his work is perfecting the National Water Model.

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