Trained to Mentor: USGS Water Mission Workshop

Oct 5, 2023

Our team at the U.S. Geological Survey - Water Mission Area has been hard at work training staff.

This is a massive undertaking to develop a centralized training program for a staff of 4,000 people from different backgrounds, education levels, job categories, geographic locations, and expectations for training. In spite of how daunting this undertaking is, this team is doing a fabulous job. 

woman with blonde hair at podium

CPAESS’s Amy Barfield leads a training with U.S.G.S. staff on mentoring.

At one of their trainings was held from September 19 - 21, 2023 in Columbus, Ohio. CPAESS Project Specialist Amy Barfield and Marissa Vara, who helps part-time with this effort in addition to her UCAR SciEd team duties, led a workshop for U.S. Geological Survey Water staff interested in mentoring early career employees. The workshop included attendees from across the U.S. and focused on holistic mentoring skills. This is the first time this training has been done with U.S.G.S. and the participants created plans to apply the tools discussed in their technical environments. 

group photo of USGS team

UCAR CPAESS staff and attendees at the U.S.G.S. mentoring training in September.


One attendee said, "Privilege and compassion impact technical abilities, so holistic training is essential.” Julie Malmberg exclaimed that “Amy and Marissa did a fantastic job!” Support was provided by the entire Water Division team as well as CPAESS Program Specialists Kelly Davis, Tori Roy, Aiyana Spear, Grant Walters, and Julie Malmberg, CPAESS Sr. Learning & Development Officer who were also in attendance. 

Upcoming CPAESS Seminar

Don’t miss Dr. Julie Malmberg’s CPAESS Seminar concerning their work on Wednesday, October 18th at 11:00am called “Building a Comprehensive Workforce Development and Training Program.”


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