Adam Csank

Adam Csank
Associate Professor
University of Nevada, Reno
1664 N. Virginia St.
Fields of interest
Paleoclimatology, stable isotopes, dendrochronology, multi-proxy climate reconstructions, physiological response of plants to climate and disturbance, Pliocene climates and ecosystems, proxies of atmospheric pollution.
Description of scientific projects
My lab is focused on applications of stable isotope dendrochronology and the use of isotopes and other non-traditional dendrochronologic techniques to reconstruct past environments. The lab has many different ongoing projects that can be divided into four themes 1) Arctic climates and ecosystems, where we work on developing reconstructions of Miocene and Pliocene climates and ecosystems using sub-fossil forests. 2) Reconstructing climates using tree-ring isotope records, where we have ongoing projects looking at stable oxygen isotope records several parts of the western United States as potential hydroclimate proxies 3) Tree and ecosystem responses to disturbance, including insect outbreaks and drought, and 4) Human-environment interactions, collaborating with historians to understand societal impacts of climate and land-use changes and lastly to understand historic atmospheric pollution.