Andrea Fassbender

Andrea Fassbender
Government Scientist
NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Global Observations of Biogeochemistry and Ocean Physics
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Fields of interest
marine carbon and biogeochemical cycles, carbon cycle feedbacks, biological productivity, ocean acidification, biogeochemical Argo
Description of scientific projects
Group projects range from regional to global in scale and often leverage a combination of observations from autonomous platforms (with an emphasis on biogeochemical Argo floats), satellites, and ships in addition to using gap-filled data products and earth system model output. Key research priorities include:
1) developing accurate, scalable methods for quantifying biological carbon production and export in real time at ocean basin scales using sensors on autonomous platforms and satellites,
2) characterizing the ocean carbon sink sensitivity to natural and anthropogenic carbon cycle interactions, and
3) exploring the impacts of ocean acidification, climate change, and biogeochemical variability on coastal and open-ocean ecosystems.