Andrew Ridgwell

Andrew Ridgwell
Professor of Earth System Science
University of California, Riverside
Department of Earth Sciences
900 University Ave.
Fields of interest
Ocean acidification -- past and future.
Marine ecology, evolution and extinctions.
Global carbon cycling and particularly on geological time-scales.
Paleo climates and ocean circulation.
Marine cycling of oxygen, nutrients, and trace-metals.
Forward proxy modelling and paleo model-data comparison.
Description of scientific projects
[list restricted to just current funded projects and excluding additional collaborations]
Reconstructing glacial and de-glacial changes in ocean oxygenation using a model-data approach.
Assessing the role of pCO2 in the astronomically-paced climatic cycles of the Miocene (by contrasting proxy data with orbitally-paced Earth system model simulations).
Using Earth system models to help improve ocean alkalinity and atmospheric pCO2 reconstructions for the Cenozoic (based on boron isotope measurements).
Assessing the role of the North Pacific in glacial and de-glacial atmospheric pCO2 changes.
Assessing the role of temperature in driving changes in organic carbon remineralization in the ocean and hence vertical carbon isotope gradients.
Constraining models with ocean temperature patterns before and during the PETM.
Creating new models for, and elucidating, the effect of sedimentary bioturbation on marine geological records.
Creating new ecological and evolutionary models and exploring feedbacks between evolving environmental conditions and marine life during the last 100 Ma.