Anthony Aufdenkampe

Anthony Aufdenkampe
Stroud Water Research Center
Organic & Isotope Geochemistry
970 Spencer Road
Fields of interest
Organic matter and nutrient processes within watersheds -- from soils to estuaries -- that determine the ultimate fate either as a greenhouse gas or sequestered within colluvial, alluvial or coastal sedimentary deposits.

Description of scientific projects
Selected projects: 1. PI. "Collaborative Research: Episodic, ENSO-Orchestrated Carbon Sequestration in Amazonian River Basins by Erosion-Sedimentation Processes". National Science Foundation 2. Co-PI. "Acceleration Of Inorganic Nutrient Release And Mineral-Organic Matter Association By Soil Bioturbation Along An Earthworm Invasion Chronosequence" USDA. 3. Co-PI. "Collaborative Research: Seston Contributions to metabolism Across Longitudinal Ecosystems (SCALE)--Dynamics of Organic Particles in River Networks". National Science Foundation 4. Co-PI. "Collaborative Proposal: Hydrologic Regulation of Dissolved Organic Matter Biogeochemistry from Forests through River Networks". National Science Foundation