Anthony R. Lupo

Anthony R. Lupo
University of Missouri
School of Natural Resources / Atmospheric Science Program
302 E ABNR Building
University of Missouri
Fields of interest
My fields of interest are Atmospheric Science and Mathematics. Within atmospheric science I study jet stream dynamics, specifically the behavior of blocking anticyclones. I also study teleconnections and their relationship to long range forecasting from the time -scale of one to two weeks all the way out to two seasons or more. I also study the relationship of these teleconnections to agricultural output (drought and pluvial conditions). I also study tropical meteorology and tropical cyclone dynamics.
Description of scientific projects
The primary mission of my research program is to gain a better understanding of the synoptic and planetary-scale atmospheric processes contribute to the formation and maintenance of such atmospheric phenomenon known as blocking anticyclones and how interannual variations and/or global climate change may impact on their characteristics and occurrence. Blocking anticyclones are planetary-scale phenomenon, which have an impact, not only on the regions they occur in, but also within regions upstream and downstream of the main event. In examining the issues of interannual variability of blocking and changes in their climatological characteristics, and variability of the primary variables of the atmosphere’s global circulation, local climate change issues can also be addressed. For example, this program endeavors to examine the climatic and dynamic characteristics of heavy snowfalls, general precipitation, and tornadoes in the Midwest. We have shown that there is significant interannual variability in these local phenomena which can be related to El Nino and longer-term climatic variability. This group is also examining the changes in the climatic character of Atlantic Basin hurricane intensities.